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AirVantage is committed to the belief that optimal health is a right for all. Our passion lies in creating innovative solutions that enhance comfort and boost confidence. Regardless of your age, health conditions, profession, or sports activities, our accessories are designed to improve your daily life, ensuring each day is more comfortable than the last.

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I noticed results after just a week of regular usage. In addition to being able to continuously upgrade resistances, I noticed my breathing rate while running went down significantly. Great value, easy to clean, and exceptional results!

Amos L.
Dallas, TX

I have asthma and bronchiectasis, I use an inhaler (steroids) during the summer months and was a little sceptical at first but gave it a try. I started at the highest number and felt pain in my back ribs within the first few days. I used it every day, and noticed my breathing became less laboured within weeks. I’m still using the airvantage trainer and haven’t reached for the inhaler this summer at all. Its made a big difference!

Emilia S.
Mels, Switzerland

Purchased it after hearing about it from an advertisement. Happy customer! would recommend to any singer/vocal performer

Marcella T.
Berlin, Germany

It really works. Helps control your breathing and take deeper breaths. Also helps with breath control while performing.

Melanie J.
Melbourne, VIC

Works as intended and Good Quality. Fast Delivery - arrived before estimated time. Thank you very much!

Leslie Kuhic
Philadelphia, PA

I really like it, good quality.

Marguerite Rippin
Winterthur, ZH

Excellent .. With regulator for air .. Now it is necessary to prove it but it is seen that it is not bad quality... Worth it. .. Same as the mask and more comfortable and practical.

Johnathan Koepp
Düsseldorf, NW

It really seems like its working. I am still learning how to breathe correctly.

Los Angeles, CA

good for gym 👍 10/10

Kenji Sato
Hiroshima, HS


Our Respiratory Solutions are not a gimmick and it’s not magic, these are tools designed to train your lungs and strengthen your breathing through resistance.

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